Monthly Archives: August 2011

Retailers, don’t succumb to the fear tactics

With ‘doom & gloom’ headlines, so-called retail experts proclaiming the industry is in a state of disarray the future of retail sure looks bleak. It’s no wonder retailers are in a state of panic. But these fear tactics are nothing more than a dismal attempt to scare retailers into making changes, that may be more […]

How UNIQUE is your business?

Is your business unique? Do you stand out amongst your competitors? Being unique, in my opinion is the most important decisive factor of any business. In retailing, it needs to be THE only factor. These days, too many retailers are offering similar products and the only measure for competition is price. So why is it, […]

Online is not Retailings’ saviour

Lately, all I’m hearing is that any retailer embracing an online presence is bound for success. Online is being portrayed as the second coming of Christ. How wrong is that. Trust me, I’m seeing many businesses online and they’re failing miserably. Online is just another medium. Another tool. I’m sure when colour TV was invented, […]

Now this is a testimonial. I’m humbled to work with such amazing clients.

I rarely ask clients to write testimonials, but when you receive one like this, it reminds you why we do what we do. TO WHOM IT MAY CONERN Stephen Rinaldo was recommended to me by a teacher at a web marketing course, who had used Stephen’s services and was very impressed with the results that […]

The state of retailing in Australia

Reading all the headlines of doom & gloom for retailers over the last few months, I just have to say my five cents worth. Maybe it’s because I’m passionate about all things retail and the fact that my earlier years were spent as an advertising executive at Grace Bros, the retail juggonaut of the 80 […]