Monthly Archives: January 2012

Where to now?…rebuilding trust in your Brand

If you were the owners of the Costa Concordia, what would you be thinking right now. The news of the Costa Concordia sinking off the Italian coast has gone world wide and with the help of Social Media, opinions are running high. With that, is the evergrowing perception of what Costa Concordia means as a […]

What’s your brand?

Oh yes, that phenomenon we call a BRAND. We hear a lot about ‘Brands’. Why we need one, why they’re important, why every business must have a Brand. Well, I’m here to tell you that, infact, your Brand is the single, most important marketing tool you should have! Here’s why. Everyone has a Brand and […]

5 must do steps for any retailer in 2012

It’s been a crazy, first week back at work, and it got me thinking. What am I going to do differently in 2012 that I learnt from 2011? That thought was met by a retailer who rung me and happened to ask me the same question. This time, I said “Well what do you plan […]