Would you risk your last $6 for everything?


A big thankyou to David Wilson who wrote this article. I was so glad to be a part of it because it’s a topic, that I am very passionate about and that is, of NEVER EVER giving up.

You see, as the article expresses, business life hasn’t been and is rarely easy. That’s what sets businessowners apart. The successful ones keep bouncing back. And that is a trait, if you don’t have, you need to acquire it.

I often get asked “How do I do it all?”

They’re referring to my hectic and busy life. Not only do I run http://www.rubiconretail.com.au/ which I started from scratch, but I also compete in my beloved sport of showjumping. Combined with that, I recently discovered the joys of road cycling. Initially to remove the extra winter kilos, but of late, am enjoying the world of racing. Having such sports take up valuable time to train and stay fit so how do I do it?

I plan. I organise my days and weeks to fit everything in. If i need more time, I get up early or work late. Always remembering to allocate time for my family.

That’s where many businessowners get it wrong. You have to look after your business! It comes first! You need to nurture it. Not what it provides.

Oh, and I’m not suggesting your family arent a priority,

It’s all about balance but more importantly, when you have passionate hobbies, you have to be great at bouncing back from disappointment and/or simply being unable to participate.

And that is the same with business. Not being able to play in the market you want, not participating where the opportunities are, losing business, gaining clients, bad months and great months…it’s no different but whatever the situation you have to bounce back.

I can count numerous times, too many actually,where I felt the rug was pulled out from under me. Most times, through no fault of my own. I questioned being in business, I questioned people’s ethics but there has always been one common denominator, I never ever gave up.

If you don’t give up, you will look for new opportunities and often they are right there in front of you. You rarely question WHY but you WILL ask yourself HOW can you MAKE it happen.

The article tells a part of my life where I went from total happiness to despair in weeks…What would you have done? Would you have taken a risk on your last $6?


  1. Posted October 21, 2011 at 3:03 am | Permalink

    This is so true experiencing it myself, how you have to keep going no matter what and have to persist when you only feel that you are swimming against the tide.

    It is actually great to hear stories about other business owners that have had good times and tough times and are willing to admit it. Today we see too many happy stories and not the reality that sometimes business can turn bad not because of you but through external influences.

    Thanks again for sharing your story.

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    I agree Mike. Too often you only hear ‘Yes, business is great’, which, even when you hit a rough patch, I guess it still can be if you love what you do.

    I found myself whistfully yearning for a week away without having to worry about the business, even just a couple of days would be nice. And, I’ve come a long way this year and know how to achieve that. We’re in the process of implementing strict systems & procedures and fine tuning our ideal clients so that we can establish some stability.

    I think you do need to find a balance but with support and self belief you can achieve anything.

    Thanks for sharing Stephen and, I agree, the opportunities are there in front of you. As one door closes… :)

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