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To retail or not to retail?

That is the question on many a retailers mind right now & understandably so. But should the retail sector be overcome with doom & gloom. I say no. Unfortunately, continued soothsaying that retail is in decline, the GFC is about to hit again & the onslaught of online is destroying bricks & mortar, no wonder […]

Would you risk your last $6 for everything?

http://www.smh.com.au/small-business/entrepreneur/entrepreneurs-who-bounced-back-from-the-brink-20111011-1li4w.html A big thankyou to David Wilson who wrote this article. I was so glad to be a part of it because it’s a topic, that I am very passionate about and that is, of NEVER EVER giving up. You see, as the article expresses, business life hasn’t been and is rarely easy. That’s what […]

Why a great BRAND packs a bigger punch than a great price

What’s more important, a great brand or a great price? Let me suggest to you that a great brand delivers a bigger punch for your business. Here’s why. As a business owner you’re looking for sustainability and a long term business life. One that will continue to grow, be profitable and successful for you. That […]

A Brand does the selling, not the price!

Ever wondered whilst walking through a shopping centre, you’re suddenly attracted to a window display & without hesitation catapulted inside. Amidst a sea of product & smiling salespeople & before long you find yourself leaving, having made a new found friend, and a purchase, that infact, you didn’t intend to buy. Before you know it, […]

Car dealers, why the prehistoric advertising?

Dear Mr/Ms Car Dealer, I’ve worked on quite a few Automotive advertising accounts, at national level and local. I’ve even had the pleasure of promoting marquise brands as well as your bargain basement family movers. I thought, we , together had changed the way we would promote the way you sell cars. You see, I’ve […]

Doing our bit for small business

It’s September and it’s Small Business Month. I was reminded that by a phonecall from a client who rang to ask about retail consulting for her business. This young lady expressed her difficulty in getting her new business off the starting blocks, and the constant feeling that she was vulnerable as a small business and […]